Commit 5b431074 authored by Karim El Sheikh's avatar Karim El Sheikh
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Updated the comparison between temp and c1_index (and c2_index) to use the...

Updated the comparison between temp and c1_index (and c2_index) to use the equals method (instead of "=="). This is important because it turns
out its necessary for correct comparison of a 'value' that comes from a large enough TreeMap<Integer, Integer> for some reason. I am weirded out
by it because primitive comparison ("==") should suffice.
Updated the 'main' method in the class kWLClass.
Added the generateInvariants() method to the class kWLClass, this method was used to generate invariant data for each group and later compare the groups.
For k=2 it detects collisions for groups of order 128.
Created the class 'Checking' that was used to check for collisions in the invariant data of the groups.
Renamed the name of the class holding the initial colour to 'InitialColour'.
Other minor and forgotten improvements.
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f := function()
local s, a, b, x, o, G, L, fileName, order, numberHavingOrder, testInt;
PrintTo(Concatenation(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot{ [1..Length(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot)-4] }, "Stream.txt"));
PrintTo(Concatenation(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot{ [1..Length(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot)-4] }, "Stream2.txt"));
fileName := Concatenation(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot{ [1..Length(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot)-4] }, "Stream2.txt");
s := InputTextFile(Concatenation(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot{ [1..Length(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot)-4] }, "Stream.txt"));
#o := OutputTextFile(Concatenation(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot{ [1..Length(GAPInfo.UserGapRoot)-4] }, "Stream2.txt"), true);
order := 256;
numberHavingOrder := 56092;
Print("Order: ", 256, "\n");
while true do
if s <> fail then
a := ReadAll(s);
if a <> fail then
b := SplitString(a, "\n");
for x in b do
if x <> "" and Int(x) <= numberHavingOrder then
Print(x, "\n");
#if o <> fail then
G := AsPermGroup(SmallGroup(order, Int(x)));
L := MinimalGeneratingSet(G);
PrintTo(fileName, L{[1..Length(L)]}, "\n");
#Print(L{[1..Length(L)]}, "\nDone\n");
order := order + 1;
Print("\nOrder: ", order, "\n");
numberHavingOrder := NumberSmallGroups(order);
PrintTo(fileName, numberHavingOrder, "\n");
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